Our Story

Oeuf has been in the making for many years… Amber has had the dream of owning her own cafe since she can remember (which we are guessing is around 4). After being taken to coffee shops in London and being known as the hot chocolate taste tester at local cafes, she has always had a passion for starting her own venture.

Having been further inspired by her first trip to Ottolenghi in Islington with their individual table top toasters, so you can toast your bread how you like it, and Correlli’s classic home from home italian in Battersea, Amber was sure that she could take those memories, and create something of her own.

After working and running restaurants for 12 years for local and high street chains, Amber knows the ins and outs of the industry and has gained great insight into how to make somewhere extra special for both guests and the team.

Amber and Tobias renovated the site by hand from scratch to get Oeuf ready and gleaming for all of you. Painting walls, hand upholstering the chairs and learning how to sand floors has all been part of the process to get Oeuf to where it is now.

Amber’s dream has always been owning a café on one of the Avenues- so she held the fort until something came available. And number 8 Third Avenue couldn’t be more perfect!

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