Community & Partners

We have partnered up with some fantastic suppliers which we are all extremely excited about. Making sure that we work with the best, ethical brands is extremely important to us. See below why we are working with these companies.

Chalk Stream

ChalkStream®️ grows fine English trout on the world famous Test and Itchen Rivers in Hampshire. Slow grown for 2 years in fast flowing pure chalk stream water, their artisan-farmed trout are fit and lean with a unique, clean taste.

White Cloud Coffee

White Cloud’s high grade coffee brings flavours to life. With notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and hints of caramel.

All their coffee contributes to a sustainable supply chain, where farmers are paid above Fair Trade prices for high grade produce, and the environment is respected through their low carbon roasting.

Hoogly Tea

Hoogly Tea is a Brighton based brand with a Nordic twist, high quality teas are enhanced with a naturally indulgent taste and aroma. All their teas are hand blended and packed in the South East of England, they are ethically sourced and fairly traded. Fully biodegradable tea pyramids are soil association certified made out of a plant extract, no plastic in our tea bags.

Linden Tree Flowers x Oeuf

We are delighted to welcome Linden Tree Flowers to join us in our entranceway at Oeuf – they will be offering beautiful floral arrangements for every occasion. Whether it is fresh blooms on the weekends or dried statement pieces and plants during the weekdays, they will have something beautiful for you.

Fu Fighters

The most delicious Burmese tofu used for our vegan scrambled is made from chickpeas, unlike most, which is made from soya. This tofu tastes so much tastier, fuller and more wholesome than its soy sibling and is made in a home based Brighton kitchen. It couldn’t come much fresher than that!

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