Oeuf’s FAQs

Do you offer the same menu all day?

Yes, we offer the same brunch menu all day, every day.

Do you take walk-ins?

We do take walk-ins on a first-come-first-serve basis throughout the day, so you are more than welcome to stop by and see if we have anything available when you get here! We cannot guarantee anything will be available but we always try our best to accommodate everyone.

What is your maximum booking size?

On the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) we do not accept bookings of over 10 people, this includes larger bookings split into multiple tables. Monday through Friday however we are able to accommodate tables of up to 10-12 people, with anything more than this requiring separation on to 2 tables due to the layout of our restaurant. We cannot guarantee that your tables will be next to each other in the restaurant, but we will try our best to ensure you are seated as close together as we can.

All tables larger than a group of 6 will require a deposit to be paid, so please do contact the restaurant directly to book.

Do you allow children?

Children are more than welcome at Oeuf through our regular opening hours of 9am-4pm. Due to the size of our restaurant floor, please do let us know in advance if you will be requiring space for a pram/pushchair or if you require use of a high chair as there are only a small number of tables that can accommodate this. We do otherwise have a storage room where prams/pushchairs can be kept safe and off the restaurant floor. We also provide a Children’s menu in house.

Are you dog friendly?

We are! Here at Oeuf we are really dog friendly, with dogs being allowed both inside the main restaurant and in our Secret Garden. We do not however allow pets on any of our furniture for allergy reasons.

Do you have wheelchair access?

As we are situated within an old Edwardian building, we are unfortunately unable to remove our front steps to the restaurant. Once you are within the restaurant, everything is on the one same level. We have been able to accommodate wheelchair users in the past so please do contact us if you have any special access needs!

Can I request a specific table?

Unfortunately we do not take requests for specific tables due to the fast-paced nature of our restaurant, meaning we cannot guarantee a specific table will be free at any time. If you do have a table in mind, please do feel free to leave a message in your booking notes or speak to a member of our management team, but do keep in mind that while we will try our best to accommodate you, we cannot guarantee these requests.

Do you cater to NGC (Non-Gluten Containing)?

We absolutely do. We have many NGC options on our menu, primarily our pancakes which are made NGC as standard. We can also substitute our Sourdough Bread for NGC Bread, making around 30-40% of our menu NGC when we do this!

We do have a full Allergen Menu available on site that includes all information regarding every dish on our menu, and all of our wait staff and kitchen staff are fully allergen trained so will be more than happy to help find the perfect dish for you.

Do you cater to Vegans?

Being called “Oeuf” doesn’t stop us from catering to the vegans of Brighton and Hove! On our menu we have a few delicious Vegan options, including our Full Plant breakfast and our Pancakes, which are made Vegan as standard. Alongside food options, we also have a number of alternative milks on site that pair perfectly with our ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee.

Our wait staff are all incredibly knowledgeable about our brunch menu, so will be able to talk you through your options!

Where can we park?

There is a public, paid parking zone on Third Avenue in Hove where we are situated. You can pay either using the PayByPhone app, via telephone or there is a parking meter at the bottom of the road closest to the seafront.


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